10 years old

November 13, 2013 11:43 am

Today Nine Planets Without Intelligent Life is 10 years old. It's true! Here's what the website looked like in 2003. Actually, that's not true. That snapshot is from February 2004, and it seemed we had had a site redesign before then. Why we decided to redesign the site after only three months I have no idea. 

So if you look at that page you'll see that we were offering merchandise through a Cafe Press store. I bet you thought we sold out just recently! No, we've been greedy from the beginning. As it turns out, nobody outside of our family bought anything from that store, so, you know, learned our lesson.

Or did we? Look to your right folks. We got books, we got t-shirts. Wouldn't now be a great time to show your appreciation for ten years of... waiting for the next episode to come out?

Ps. I also started a tumblr sketch blog thing. It's kind of funny, and updates twice a day. NSFW, though.


Kit Roebuck

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