A Word of Thanks

July 26, 2006 9:34 pm

As you may know, and as Dominic and Corinne mentioned on the Speak page, NPWIL has tied for the "Outstanding Science Fiction Comic" Award from the WCCA. This is, of course, terrific, especially considering the quality of the other winning comic, Starslip Crisis, and that of the other nominees: Zap!, Freefall, Girl Genius, and Daedalus Blue. Very good company, indeed.

Unfortunately, as you may also have noticed, we have slipped off of our regular schedule again. This is due in part to the fact that I have again found myself with one of those "real jobs" complete with a "long commute" on a "city bus." So I need a little while to reorganize my life and find time to produce regular updates again. I'll do something for you here before too long, but, gee, it's late and I've got to get up early tomorrow.  I'm really sorry.

So where should we put that banner? Hm...

Kit Roebuck


  1. Congratulations, Adam. You certainly deserve a ton of praise for the work you have put into this comic.


    July 26, 2006 9:34 pm

  2. Congrats on kicking all sorts of ass. This really is one of my favorite comics on all of the interweb. It's an inspiration for all aspiring comic artists out there, I assure you.


    July 26, 2006 9:34 pm

  3. Congratulations on your awesomes. Also, here's an idea: instead of wasting your next comic update on the skipped strip #69, hold a contest, asking people to submit their own strips to fill the gap. The winner gets his or her Strip #69 added to NPWIL canon.


    July 26, 2006 9:34 pm